Conservative Leadership,
Protecting Your Tax Dollars!

My name is Burt Garfield and I was elected to the office of Utah County Assessor in a special election in April 2023. I successfully led the Assessor’s office for one year. The Central Committee of the Utah County Republican Party chose me to fill the seat for the remaining time of the term, and I ask you for your continued support in 2024. Vote to reelect Burt Garfield at the Republican Convention April 20th, 2024.

In Burt's first year in office, he was nominated for the "Assessor of the Year" for the State of Utah by the International Association of Assessing Officers, Utah Chapter

Strategic Plan


Utah County is one of the fastest growing counties in the country. The Assessor’s office has changed to match the growth.  The office has been reorganized by processes, based on the operations management principles I learned while earning a Master’s degree in Industrial Administration from Purdue.


Provide information to County citizens about the processes of the Assessor’s office and property value trends.


An accurate assessment leads to a fair property tax.  The Assessor’s office takes this responsibility very seriously. We have a legal obligation to value properties at their market value.  This is achieved through technology, highly skilled data analysts and appraisers working together to make sure the process is precise and fair.

Staff Development

Train the Assessor’s office staff in statistical modeling, mass-appraising, appraising principles and database design.

Personal Life

Most of the good things in my life happened while living in Utah County. I had the privilege of growing up in Provo, where I had a great childhood and attended high school. I went to BYU, where I met my sweetheart. We have been married for 31 years and have 4 wonderful kids. We raised our family in Provo. Three of our children are currently attending Utah Valley University, and one is attending the University of Utah. I have served in the community in various ways. I enjoy the way of life in Utah County. I love spending time outdoors, jogging, hiking and family road trips.


I have recently retired from the Assessor’s Office after working there 18 years as the Commercial Manager. I
have worked with Burt’s opponent for around 6 years and longer with Burt. I know both very well. I recommend
you vote for Burt. He is a man of high moral character, great assessing abilities, and strong leadership skills.”
– Peter Jeppsen, Certified General Appraiser

I officially endorse Burt Garfield to continue to serve as the Utah County Assessor. Burt Garfield is well known
throughout the State assessor offices as a great assessor. He has the perfect background in appraising, statistics
analysis, and management, and this is particularly important for Utah County because of its growth. I have
heard him present his office’s research, innovations, and automation systems at several conferences. I am
always impressed with his work. He has also been generous with his knowledge and shown other counties more
innovative ways to assess real property.
– Chris Stavros, Salt Lake County Assessor

Burt has my support and endorsement. He is doing a wonderful job, and we need his continued expertise and
hard work for the next four years. Please vote Burt Garfield for Assessor!”
– Brandon Gordon, Utah County Commissioner

Burt is the type of person you want as your County Assessor. He doesn’t want to be a politician; he just wants to
make sure your property is treated fairly and equitably when it’s appraised. He is driven to make the most of
every dollar, every employee, and every piece of technology, to serve the citizens of Utah County in the best,
most efficient way possible. I know the type of person Burt is and ask you to re-elect Burt as County Assessor
– Rod Mann, Utah County Auditor

When it comes to defining your property’s worth you want someone as Assessor who not only knows the job but
can bring out the best in his department, for both personnel and technology. Burt is that type of leader, he sees
the needs we have now, and in the future and he hires and trains his staff to accomplish those goals with
efficiency. Please join me in supporting Burt Garfield for a full term as our County Assessor!

– Kim Jackson, Utah County Treasurer

“Burt is a critical leader when it comes to ensuring your property is valued to ensure you aren’t over-taxed.  He is
an expert in the process and works well with all of us to ensure your property is correctly taxed.  Please join me in
continuing the support for Burt Garfield as our County Assessor.”

– Anthony Canto, Utah County Surveyor

“I wholeheartedly endorse Burt for County Assessor.  He is an expert in the process of mass property appraising, works well with those he serves and with the public, and he is trusted to be fair and accurate in all he does.”  

        – Gordon Lowe, Commercial Real Estate Appraiser, Owner of “The Appraisers Inc.”